Competition Entry

Royal Adelaide Cultural Precinct

This proposal was prepared for a major ideas competition aimed at developing a series of ideas for what could be done with the soon-to-be disused Royal Adelaide Hospital.

The project was done in collaboration with 4 Site Architects Sydney and OH.NO.SUMO

Located in a liminal position addressing the boundary line of an iconic city plan and it’s connective tissue to the suburbs beyond, the site of the Royal Adelaide Hospital illustrates an important point in the urban manifestation of a civil rhetoric spoken by a city of free settlers.

Situated at this critical geographical crossroad and embellished by the city’s civic history, the site demands a function that connects the Adelaide center with its conurbation and provide a strengthened link between the city’s cultural icons and the populace at their foundations.

Within the constructed monoliths of the existing hospital site, a space of intermediacy is forged providing a center point between the civic displays of state and the creative output of it inhabitants; linking the university, students and residents with annexed expansions to the cities existing cultural production line.

The north eastern threshold of Adelaide’s city center will become a perforated anchor point aligning the historic fabric of the city with latent cultural potential above a critical node in the string of proposed infrastructural connections.

The Australian Dance Theatre is repositioned within the city adjacent to a new gallery for the expanding Aboriginal collection of the Museum of South Australia. A consolidated institution for contemporary and experimental arts sits as a pivoting point within the scheme connecting the large-grain cultural centres to small-grain lettable real estate for cafés, restaurants and retail. Each new cultural facility enables framed moments of the historic hospital site and beyond to the botanical gardens and the iconic city fabric.