Dalton Road

LeeshTagTom were commissioned to develop ideas for an existing semi-detached Federation home in a highly protected heritage suburb of Sydney. It was clear that the site and context required a scheme that was incredibly respectful to the surrounding buildings as well the limited outdoor space that offered some separation to the dense collection of terrace houses that line the street.

It became apparent in such an area that the design should not extend upon the current amount of floor area. The design process therefore became a mode of reconfiguration; moving bedroom spaces to positions that would allow more light into the living areas as well as provide picture frame views into the tree canopy at the rear of the property.

Translating the horizontal fenestration from the traditional Federation home that it adjoins, the new extension became a layering of painted brick, off-form concrete and zinc. Materials that would age and patina to be reabsorbed into both the original home and the rear garden.

New terracotta floors link the internal space of the kitchen with the outdoor patio formed to extend the materials and topography of the outdoor garden into the kitchen and living area. This idea was accentuated with the use of a concrete ceiling that fissures at points to provide sky light as well as reinforce the geometry of the floor plane below.