The Pre-Use pavilion was a temporary chill out and exhibition pavilion designed to showcase the work of the Faculty of the Built Environment at the University of New South Wales. The Pavilion was first deployed for The Grand Designs Live event in Sydney and its materials and modular components have since been reused, redesigned and reconstructed by the students of the university at other design exhibitions in Sydney.

The brief called for a pavilion that would provide a large amount of accessible seating as well as display proposals and prototypes from the schools of architecture, interior architecture, landscape architecture and industrial design. In reference to the highly cross-disciplinary nature of the Faculty of the built environment the Pre Use Pavilion aimed to not only democratically display the different works from the various schools in the faculty, but also to acts in representation of this quality. The Pre Use Pavilion is simultaneously a single landscape, and single piece of furniture and a single piece of architecture.

In an effort to make the pavilion as sustainable as possible the strategy of using borrowed materials was employed. The pavilion was constructed almost entirely using modular tanks conventionally used for subterranean storm water management. The material was provided through sponsorship for use during the three-day event before being disassembled and delivered to the University of New South Wales for students to use in curating their own final year exhibitions. It is planned that after this series of exhibitions the material will again be repackaged and returned to the supplier so that it can be redistributed for its intended application as underground water tanks. The material was not only re-used but perhaps more appropriately ‘Pre-used’; a small detour was created in the materials transition between factory and final use that afforded the Grand Designs pavilion as well as two later university exhibition displays with minimal additional material.

The project was undertaken by Sawtooth Studio.

Many thanks to Atlantis Corp. for their support in supplying the materials

The strategy of employing ‘in transit’ or ‘pre used’ materials and its further potential in their coupling with decentralized infrastructural systems has laid the framework for ongoing research. We are currently exploring these ideas further and examining the potential effects that it may have in areas of rural Australia and the metropolitan areas of Australian cities outlined as “Very High Vulnerability Areas” within the VAMPIRE index.