Paddington Terrace

LeeshTagTom were engaged in this project to generate ideas pertaining to the alteration of a traditional terrace house in the quiet Sydney suburb of Paddington. Critical to the project brief is that the couple is young, about to marry, and have engaged us to help them configure their first home.

Not only does the scheme need to help choreograph the way in which the terrace is inhabited, but also the inverse. The scheme must be dynamic and afford the inhabitants adaptability; allowing the couple to manipulate the operation of their home as their family evolves in the future.

The scheme has reduced the amount of floor space of the original terrace. It has been designed so that the house can ‘fold’; expanding in summer and during the day, contracting in winter and during the night. Every new space designed has a auxiliary outdoor courtyard; allowing the interior to spill from the building and borrow the landscape.