Nymphaea Nelumbo - an obsolete and inaccurate synonym for the Lotus Plant.
 The lotus flower emerges between morning and early evening over a period of three days. It provides a situated point of colour against its context of the less quantifiable subsurface environment. This short burst of life, triggered by a specific shift in climate and season, offers an incredibly potent beacon signifying a precise moment in the much slower and vaguer alchemy of its contextual matter.

Sydney Harbour is an iconic space in environmental, social and historical flux. Over the last two hundred years, the harbour has operated as a critical point of industry and commerce connecting the city to its neighbours separated by the breadth of the Pacific Ocean. Recently, with the final decommissioning of the Barangaroo and White Bay Docks, Sydney Harbour continues its evolution from a functional and unsanitary port of commerce and production, to a showpiece of the city's vitality and culture. The space is reborn as an icon formulated by its environmental and historical mythos now successfully situated within an entirely different context.
Infrastructural road and maritime signage were folded into origami lotus flowers and released in a human-made inlet situated between pier 1 and pier 2/3 in Walsh Bay. Using LED lighting, the colourful and highly reflective signs were illuminated as lotus flowers throughout the night. Sydney Harbour’s retooled infrastructure provided a playful point of mediation between the changing ideologies of the new and old waterfront.
This project was undertaken as part of the Vivid Light Festival.
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