Scales of Production seeks to animate ghosts of the Hickson Road production line.

Today the Hickson Road Piers afford a cultural and creative precinct for contemporary Sydney– an urban environment defined by its clockwork precision and perpetual energy. The modern city is connected continuously and invisibly to the world and its global operations.
Once the departure point for agriculture and goods, the wharves of Hickson Road provided the final setting for Australian produce on route to the old world. The epic scale of imports and exports determined a choreographed scene of wharf-workers and heavy lifting equipment. Today, the shed-like piers and the ceaseless lapping of waves provide the final ghosts of Sydney's working harbour.
Using contemporary fabrication techniques, Scales of Production employed a precise mechanical apparatus to harvest energy from the harbour waves to power shadow puppets of loading cranes. Moving from the scale of the tide, to that of the shed, the sculpture will provide a mediating point between the two ghosts of Hickson Road; reconnecting the wharves with the waves.

This project was produced for Vivid Light Festival 2016.
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