SPLIT-FLAP-BLINK is an innovative interactive communication screen that acts as a beacon for the visibility of Green Square Library; showcasing a junction between analogue and daily digital activities. Responding in real-time to the regular use of the library, SPLIT-FLAP-BLINK displays through coloured lettering, the titles and authors of books as they are borrowed, as well as authorised communications such as current tweets, up-coming library events, new acquisitions, ebooks, and community news. At five minute intervals, recent borrowed books and digital communications captured by a data hub will be transferred to the top row of the display board creating a domino effect as each preceding information scrolls down to the below row and then flips to the other side of the board. The display board can hold 18 pieces of information at any one time, becoming a scrolling container of data that harvests the library activities, program and resources.
SPLIT-FLAP-BLINK takes its cue from the iconic display of the arrival and departures of airport information boards providing a semi-analogue/digital interface between the current hardcopy form of the library and its future manifestation as a digital information centre. As the modern library plays into this space of global access, SPLIT-FLAP-BLINK brings a visual convergence that awaits users to the opportunities of the Green Square Library and Green Square’s future residents to share relevant information about their library and community.
The approach by the artistic team to the Green Square Library brief has been to combine process methodologies with communication design resulting in an informational and characteristic artwork. Conceived to complement the library's transparent foyer, the analogue liveliness of the ‘tick-tick-tick' of the letters as each new piece of information, book borrowing, tweet, or community news is uploaded - creating an ongoing sense of the library and its resources constantly activated for all to see and experience. SPLIT-FLAP-BLINK responds to the brief by visually placing Green Square Library as a central communicator of its activities for library users and as a community service for the general public.
This project was produced in collaboration with Benedict Anderson
The project was shortlisted in the Green Square Library Public Art competition
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